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Digital camera battery life is one of the main factors that will decide how much you get to enjoy taking photographs. Like other portable consumer gadgets, digital cameras are fueled by batteries. And, all batteries have one serious drawback: their lifespan is limited.

There are Various Types of Camera Batteries

Nickel Cadium

One of the first technologies is this one. The capacity of these batteries is not affected by repeated use. Additionally, they are affordable and quickly recharge.

Hybrid Nickel Metal

In terms of nickel-cadium technology, these batteries represent progress. These batteries offer a 50% increase in capacity or greater. Even though it's still there, the "memory effect" isn't as strong as it was with nickel cadium batteries.

Lithium Ion

The more contemporary lithium ion technique addresses many issues with the nickel technology. They don't even possess a "memory impact," so no matter how they are right now, you could always recharge these batteries to their fullest capacity.

Lithium Polymer

These batteries are, on the whole, superior to lithium ion batteries. They can be simply constructed in any shape or size and have an even bigger capacity. In order to accommodate specific camera designs, high-capacity batteries can therefore be made lighter, narrower, and much more easily moldable.

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