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Lens filters are available in a range of shapes, but they are actually quite simple if you understand them. But it might be difficult to know where to start because there are so many different kinds of lens filters available.

A Few Types of Lens Filters Are There?

Rectangular Filters

In contrast to square filters, which are difficult to manipulate both horizontally and vertically, landscape photographers often use rectangle filters.

Drop-In Filters

There is another type of drop-in filter designed specifically to be used with the bigger telephoto lenses, despite the fact that rectangular filters are usually referred to as "drop-in" filters due to their filter holding mechanism.

Screw-On Circular Filters

The most popular kind of camera lens filter is probably a circular screw-on filter. They are so easily replaceable and affixable that some of these can even be piled on top of one another. Additionally, they are far more portable than the majority of rectangular as well as square filters.

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