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Both the caliber of its lenses and the innovative technology it uses in their development and testing have earned Panasonic a reputation for excellence. And the brand has clearly earned the reputation!

Why Choose Panasonic Lenses by Camera Enthusiasts

Nanotech for Surface Coatings

Panasonic employs a coating known as Nano Surface on their high-end lenses. This generates clear, sharp photos while significantly lowering flare and ghosting. Additionally, the coating stops deterioration and maintains the item's great quality for a very long period.

Incredible Sharpness

Panasonic uses precise centering technology and a rigorous lens construction procedure. By using six-axis adjustment rather than the more typical two-axis adjustment, the optical axis' error in fixation precision is minimized to 3 m, significantly enhancing resolution. This ensures incredibly sharp photographs.

Beautiful photographs without blur

In addition to digital picture correction, the O.I.S rectifies a jolt in the light axis by adjusting the lens unit and thus offsets it. As a consequence, neither the image's physical nor digital quality is changed.

We at AD Photo Video truly believe that Panasonic enjoys making each and every lens with amazing skill and care! So, have a look through these lenses and get the one that best suits you!

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