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You can rely on their seamless compatibility and excellent performance when you pair Nikon SLR camera lenses and Nikon DSLR cameras!

What Types of Nikon Lenses Are Available at AD Photo Video?

F-Mount Nikon Lenses

After the advent of autofocus technology in 1959, Nikon was one of the few firms to keep using the F bayonet mount. Therefore, any lens with an F-mount will work with any Nikon camera currently on the market. However, features like autofocus as well as electronic aperture control may just work in manual mode.

Nikon full-frame lenses

Nikon FX lenses can be used with all Nikon SLR cameras, regardless of whether they have full-frame, cropped, or film-based sensors. With the use of adapters, they also work with Nikon Z and earlier Nikon 1 digital mirrorless cameras.

DX Nikon Lenses

The company's line of cameras with cropped sensors are compatible with Nikon lenses with the initials DX in their names. Although they can physically work with full-frame cameras, their image circle prevents them from covering the entire sensor.

For the perfect shot in any style of photography, using the right lens is crucial. AD Photo Video therefore encourages you to choose your lens wisely!

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