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Xiaomi doesn't usually introduce new versions of its lineup while being well-known for its inexpensive, low-cost phones. The company's goal is to release little changes sometimes to keep their products interesting while still maintaining the same models on the market for a longer time than other competitors do. Despite this, customers will still find a number of useful features on a Xiaomi phone.

Xiaomi mobile phones have some ingenious features

Powerful Battery & Hyper Charging Capabilities

Thanks to their hyper charging capabilities, modern mobile devices like the Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge 5G can charge your device from 0% to 100% in approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Your phone may run for 30 to 50 hours after a full charge, too.

App Lock

You can lock your favorite apps to prevent others from using them while they are on your phone. This feature can be activated using either the finger scan technique or the face unlock method.

Notification Alerts

Numerous free sound selections can be chosen from in order to change the notification noises.

In our opinion at AD Photo Video, Xiaomi has a ton of incredibly useful features that let it compete with other manufacturers and, in certain cases, even outshine them!

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